Most Peculiar Dreams

We are proud to present our original stage musical production MOST PECULIAR DREAMS.

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Shawn Donnelly AKA [Mr.] John Browne. Male lead.
Set in the Golden Era of post WW2 New York. Shawn Donnelly is the son of Annie and Sean Donnelly. He lives in NY with his parents and younger sister Gracie. Shawn is a gifted musician and singer. His parents want him to pursue a career in teaching/lecturing but as Shawn grows up he yearns for fame and fortune. As soon as he’s old enough he sets off for the city to pursue his dreams. Shawn is strikingly handsome an excellent dancer and singer. He plays piano. Ideally a tenor but with a good range
Males, aged 18 to 22 from Dublin Region, Ireland

Mary-Margaret McCarthy
Mary-Margaret McCarthy and her mother are from Ireland. They have moved to NY after WW2 to live with relatives after Mary’s father was killed in action. Mary’s mother is known to the Irish immigrant community as a healer from the old country and many expect that Mary also has the gift. Mary becomes close friends with Shawn and the 2 become best friends. They sing and play music together. Mary is petite and pretty but rarely smiles. She and John spend a lot of their time together.
Females, aged 18 to 21 from Dublin Region, Ireland

Sean Donnelly Snr.
Sean Donnelly Snr. is the son of Irish immigrants. He is a proud American but has maintained contact with the old country. Sean is a decorated war hero. He has a dark secret and speaks to a strange entity who has intervened in his life in the past. He only wants what’s best for Shawn. He has high hopes for his son as he is a gifted musician.
Males, aged 35 to 45 from Dublin Region, Ireland

Henrietta Harmon [Female Lead] 
Henrietta Harmon is a well known singer in NY. She is the resident act at the Sycamore club. She is known as the wild child of the NY club scene and has a reputation for being a bad influence on anyone close to her.
Females, aged 18 to 22 from Dublin Region, Ireland

Annie Donnelly
Annie Donnelly is wife to Sean Snr. and mother to Shawn and Gracie. Her son almost died at birth and she believes that divine intervention saved him. She has a sweet singing voice. She loves her husband but knows that he has a dark mysterious side.
Females, aged 35 to 45 from Dublin Region, Ireland

Bobby Collier
Bobby collier is an artistes’ agent based in NY. He manages Henrietta Harmon and has a keen eye for new talent. He has a reputation for being sleazy but those that know him well say that he’s a ‘character’ and means no harm. Sure, he’s a little ‘handsy’ but that’s just his way. Henrietta is very fond of him and he is protective of her.
Males, aged 40 to 55 from Dublin Region, Ireland